Sarah Weller
Head of Finance

Sarah started in financial services at the age of 17 working in what was Midland Bank Trust Company. Starting as an administrative assistant Sarah worked her way up to partner’s PA, a position she remained in for another five years before moving to Fidelity as a PA to one of the executive directors, staying for another five years.

A family relocation and two young children, one of whom had been diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease, made Sarah step back to spend time caring for her children. It was during that time that she realised she missed working and took a role at her children’s primary school as the financial secretary. Not content with this just part time role she also helped out a local farmer with his finances, worked in a bakers, and stacked shelves in a local supermarket amongst other things!

Once child number three made a hasty appearance - nearly at school a month early - Sarah craved a new challenge. She certain found that challenge assisting Paul and his business partner in their new wealth management company. Starting as the administrative assistant part time, it very quickly moved to full time, then practice manager, financial manager and now director of finance.

We all agree that Sarah has the most important role in the business - running SeventySeven’s finances and ensuring everyone gets paid!
Nearly two decades on Sarah has ridden out many challenges and changes. But what has not changed is the way the team continue to support each other. “We really are a family and I can honestly say that I love every minute of working with my SeventySeven family. Well, most of the time!” says Sarah. According to Paul, Sarah is not permitted to retire so she’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Outside of work, Sarah is married to the love of her life Mick, the mother of three wonderful adult children, wicked step-mother to two, and grandmother to five. Importantly she’s also fur-mum to Poppy, an elderly Dalmatian. When not running spreadsheets Sarah loves travelling having visited five of the seven continents.

Have survived relatively unscathed in her travels, despite being mugged in Tanzania and Peru, she returned home from trekking to Machu Picchu with what appeared to be a bite that wouldn’t heal. A few weeks later Sarah was rushed to A&E before being transferred to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. They soon discovered the reason for the wound –hundreds of baby spiders had been incubating in her ankle!

These days Sarah enjoys travelling a little closer to home in her and Mick’s motorhome. They also have a second home in the south west of France near Cahors, a lovely medieval city renown its ‘black wine’. We especially enjoy Sarah’s return from Cahors with cases of wine for her SeventySeven family.
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