Client Testimonials

Prior to lockdown we welcomed the opportunity to interview one of our long standing clients. In his own imitable fashion, he offered great insight into his journey with 77WM and the process behind acquiring a financial advisor.

An Interview with one of our clients

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You may get back less than the amount invested.

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Client Testimonial

 From the moment I walked through the doors of SeventySeven I felt more than a Client, I felt very lucky and special.

The welcome I receive from all SeventySeven colleagues each time I visit is genuine and friendly. Colleagues spend time getting to know and understand me, so the advice and guidance I receive is not just financially prudent but tailored to my own very personal and individual needs.

The expertise of SeventySeven is impeccable and colleagues have never rushed me into making an investment decision unless I feel absolutely comfortable. I am a perfectionist and a stickler for efficiency and SeventySeven do what they say they will do, if they say they will send me information, I receive it the next working day…impressive!

Recently I sent a long panicky email about my Pensions to SeventySeven because I knew they would give me honest advice, and that afternoon I received a call reassuring me and talking me through my worries and questions…the Pensions weren’t even invested with St. James's Place Wealth Management…what a truly incredible service.

I have deliberately remained anonymous to protect my own privacy, but it is without hesitation I recommend SeventySeven unreservedly. SeventySeven is “cutting edge” …and I’ve tried quite a few Financial Advisers in my time!

I particularly value my regular 1:1 review meetings with my dedicated SeventySeven Adviser who is also frequently at the end of the telephone or email; but I also appreciate invitations to their seminars and workshops which keep me updated with latest legislation and generic investment advice - these are informative and helpful, the welcome I continue to receive is second to none, the efficiency of the whole team is flawless and the expertise is of the highest standard…

I feel safe, valued…and I suppose more importantly my investments are growing very healthily!

I know SeventySeven should be privileged to have me as a Client, but I actually feel very privileged to be supported and guided by SeventySeven.

June | 2018

 I am pleased to be able to provide commentary on SeventySeven Wealth Management both as a member of a Bowls Club and an individual client.

Firstly, SeventySeven Wealth Management has supported the bowls club generously yet unobtrusively. This support has been arranged after discussion with the club and has been provided in a manner that has imposed no sales pressure on members. Nonetheless. Senior members of SeventySeven Wealth Management have made the effort to participate in the club events thereby demonstrating personal involvement and commitment to the wellbeing of the club

This same involvement and commitment is a feature of their individual client services. In our case SeventySeven Wealth Management advised on Inheritance Tax Planning and set up Discretionary trusts for the benefit of our grandchildren. Although somewhat complex, these trusts were fully explained and should provide the mechanics to reduce our Inheritance Tax liability whilst providing significant benefit to our grandchildren. Additionally, the support from SeventySeven Wealth Management has not stopped there but has extended to methods of providing for Long Term Care and Bereavement issues.

We invested with SeventySeven Wealth Management with the specific objective of making tax efficient provision for our successors. However, it is also gratifying to know that the active management of our investment (it costs a little bit more) has resulted in significantly better return than the benchmark for financial products and regular bank saving schemes.

Ultimately, we know that the personal attention to our objectives will ensure that we will be supported with such matters as bereavement and distribution of the Trust proceeds.

Clearly SeventySeven Wealth Management makes charges for their services, but in terms of value for money, SeventySeven Wealth Management rate highly.

David | February 2020

 Our journey began at The Spa Hotel. We had been invited to a financial seminar which included lunch. The venue and the lunch were hard to resist!

However, to our surprise, the presentations were not what we had anticipated or feared. The very experienced team immediately engaged the audience with their focus on caring for the individual clients and their circumstances.

This attitude so impressed us that we signed up for a personal discussion. We met Eloise, who took great care to find out about our own circumstances and our attitude to investment.

From that day we have enjoyed her advice and guidance. She succeeds in being a caring and efficient manager whilst always maintaining a highly developed professional attitude.

We feel confident in her ability to look after our personal interests now and in the future, knowing that she will respond promptly and effectively to our needs.

Graham & Maggie | March 2020

You should remember that past performance refers to the past and is not a reliable indicator of future results. The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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